Lithium battery safe storage

Lithium batteries are very dangerous in the case of improper handling. It can be dangerous as follows: deep discharge, fire, chemical reaction, and battery explosion in the worst case. The occurrence of each situation can pose serious risks to employees, operations and the environment, as well as significant financial losses and production losses. For more than 30 years, we have been an expert in the safe storage of dangerous goods, providing the highest level of fire protection (fire protection time up to 120 minutes). We are happy to assist you in choosing the lithium battery storage solution that works best for you.

DENIOS China offers a variety of storage systems for fire protection of lithium batteries.

All storage systems are manufactured in a rugged double steel frame construction and each system is approved as a complete system with internal and external fire rating of 90 (REI 90 / F90) to 120 minutes (REI 120 / F120). Therefore, they can be installed directly on the outer wall of an adjacent building or as a separate area for fire protection technology.

These storage systems can be moved to your requirements if you need them. The system is equipped with an integrated drip tray made of steel that receives leaking electrolyte and contaminated fire extinguishing water. All equipment that represents a potential source of spark can be made into an explosion-proof device. In order to achieve active safety in the event of damage, the storage system can be fitted with a pressure relief device in the roof area.

DENIOS 中国提供分层存储解决方案