BAIC Group Project

BAIC Group (formerly known as Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese state-owned enterprise and a holding company with several automotive and machinery manufacturers located in Beijing, China.
BAIC Group ranks fifth or fourth in annual sales in China and has several successful bus joint ventures with foreign companies. A large part of the group’s output is agricultural, commercial and military vehicles.

Due to the development of electric vehicles, the group used a large number of batteries. The group also produced some waste gasoline, used motor oil and other non-combustible materials during the manufacturing process.

Beijing Automotive Group needed a solution to safely store batteries, waste gasoline and petroleum and other flammable materials. The required solution is sufficient for storing 15 unit cells and 38 200 L drums.

DENIOS 中国提供分层存储解决方案

Dean’s security solution

According to the customer’s request, the accessible box is used to meet the 90-minute fire protection requirements. Dean’s solution is to provide three BMC 600 refractory boxes, one BMC 360 refractory box and related storage and handling equipment. The functions of the refractory box are: mechanical ventilation, temperature control, decompression, leakage tray, polyethylene lining, control electrician box, alarm.

Dean’s storage solutions meet all the requirements of the authorities and technical standards. The solution also provides added value to the customer: the system is mobile and can be moved to other locations in the plant if required, as long as the necessary safety standards are adhered to.