Anhecheng Surface Treatment Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Project

Anhe Cheng Hangzhou was established in Hangzhou in 2013. The components produced by Anhe Cheng Hangzhou are widely used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical engineering, aviation, medical technology, electrical engineering and other industries. With a variety of proprietary, proprietary coatings, Anhe can prevent corrosion, wear, or special, innovative surface characteristics. Operating over the globe, the AHC Group employs more than 1,000 people and provides surface treatment of approximately 1 billion components per year to thousands of customers in various industries.

Before Dean’s intervention, Anhecheng’s situation in the storage of hazardous chemicals was already very serious. The details are as follows: a large number of chemicals are stored in the workshop together with the medium-sized bulk company, no leakage prevention; a small amount of alcohol is stored in the laboratory together with the wooden box; 8 trays of acid substances are stored outdoors; and 4 trays of hydroxide are stored outdoors; Outdoor storage of 2 trays of hydrogen peroxide; outdoor storage of alcohol 3 trays; storage of canned hazardous chemicals in the laboratory; no leakage devices.

DENIOS 中国提供分层存储解决方案

Dean solution

Dean’s solution is to store the IBCs tons of barrels of different types of chemicals separately in a refractory box and to provide anti-leakage devices in the refractory box. Store a small amount of alcohol in the laboratory with a 90-minute fire rating cabinet and prepare an emergency emergency spill kit.

Dean provides an FBM 614 refractory box for outdoor storage of 8 trays of acid. We also provide three FBM314 refractory boxes to store hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol separately outside. Of course, we also include related equipment in our customers’ solutions. All refractory boxes are equipped with the following functions: automatic fire doors, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning, pressure relief valves, temperature probes and alarms, leaky trays and electrical cabinets.