Schaeffler GmbH (Taicang) Project

The Schaeffler Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated automotive and industrial products. With a sales of approximately EUR 14 billion in 2017 and a global presence of more than 92,000 employees, the Schaeffler Group is one of the largest technology-based family companies in Europe. With approximately 170 branches in 50 countries, Schaeffler forms a global network of production sites, R&D centers and sales companies. Schaeffler has three production plants in Taicang.

Before Dean’s intervention, Schaeffler stored and distributed lubricants in an outdoor temporary warehouse without any anti-leakage protection. At the same time, Schaeffler stores ethanol on a shelf that does not have any fire protection measures indoors. They need a secure solution.

DENIOS 中国提供分层存储解决方案

Dean’s professional solutions

Dean provided a 2K514 fire box and 5 fire cabinets to solve the Schaeffler problem. We made a distribution station for Schaeffler in a fireproof box with a leaky tray so that the operator can perform the dispensing operation more safely.