Suzhou Stich (Taicang) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Project

Stich New Materials (Taicang) Co., Ltd. was invested and built by Suzhou Styke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. with an investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan. After more than 7 years of development, SIDIKE has become a professional manufacturer and exporter of BOPP packaging tape giant rolls, double-sided tapes, film/film.

Prior to Dean’s intervention, Stich’s stored waste oil and liquid did not have any leakage protection, which brought serious risks to daily production. SIDIKE needs a professional solution that can store 8 pallets of waste oil and other liquids.

DENIOS 中国提供分层存储解决方案

Dean professional solutions

Dean offers a 2K514 fire box to store used oil and other liquids. The equipment’s own leaky trays, sliding doors and mechanical ventilation equipment can meet the needs of customers.