2 Medium duty clamps c/w 2m straight cab

  • Earthing cable with 2 earthing clips, insulation, ATEX approval, 2 m cable

Product Information

Weight 1 kg
Version Earthing strap
Equipment insulated
Cable length (mm) 2 grounding pliers
Height 2000
external (mm) 16
Material Stainless steel
Approval / certificate description 94/9/EC DECL OF CONFORMITY
Atex protection class Ex II 1 GD T6
Customs tariff number 85444290
Country of origin United Kingdom
  • Prevent explosion hazards caused by sparks or electrostatic discharge
  • Earthing cable, doubly insulated
  • Approved in accordance with ATEX II 1GD T6
  • Cable length 2 M