20 Liter Vertical Stainless Steel Tank

  • Vertical stainless steel Jerrican, 20 litre capacity

Product Information

Weight 3.8 kg
Application Transporting
Length 340
external (mm) 170
Width 470
external (mm) 20
Height Stainless steel
external (mm) UN
Volume (l) 3A1/x/250/...
Material 3.8
Approval 73102990
Approval / certificate description China
  • Safe transport of fuels
  • With UN approval
  • With screw cap and bleed screw
  • Dispensing nozzle supplied as standard
  • A special funnel with an angled neck (item 129113) is available as an accessory for the canisters This ensures the canisters can be safely filled
  • The drain pipe is retained in the canister to keep it clean
  • NBR seals
  • Especially robust, space saving design
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Incl. label with warning symbols and notices
  • Container made of stainless steel