Combi hazmat cabinet grey, Type 120_63A

  • Fire rated hazmat cabinet Edition with slide out shelves, spill trays, floor spill pallet, grey, Typ

Product Information

Weight 515 kg
Equipment 6 slide-out spill trays / 3 spill trays
Equipment 1 floor spill pallet right
Fire resistance With slide-out spill trays/slide-out shelves
Door version Type 90
Door hinge hinged door
Door design both sides
Door colour 2 wing doors
Body colour Grey
Width Grey
external (mm) 1196
Depth 616
external (mm) 1968
Height 1050
external (mm) 524
Width 1742
internal (mm) 75
Depth 25
internal (mm) Sheet steel
Height 515
internal (mm) 1200-63A
Load capacity shelf (kg) High cabinet
Load capacity slide-out spill tray (kg) Mixed storage (e.g. flammable and water-polluting liquids)
Material 5 years
Weight (kg) 94032080
Model Germany
  • For the space saving storage of flammable and aggressive hazardous substances
  • 90 minute fire resistance according to DIN EN 14470-1
  • Includes self-closing doors and extractor terminal (NW 75)
  • Sturdy and long-lasting: safety components are corrosion protected and fitted outside the storage area
  • High flexibility internal equipment: height adjustable shelves or slide-out spill trays
  • Metal-free spill tray (for aggressive / flammable hazardous substances)
  • Sheet steel spill pallet, galvanised, in accordance with Stawa-R, plastic spill pallets with general construction approval
  • Incl. 6 Slide out sumps (left cabinet half)
  • 3 sump shelves, 1 spillage decking (right cabinet half), metal-free
  • Separated storage: secured by solid partitions