Drum trolley Secu Comfort, powder coated

  • Drum trolley Secu Comfort, powder coated steel, solid rubber tyres, for steel/plastic drums

Product Information

  • Meets the requirements of health and safety guidelines for frequent drum handling
  • Saves money with simple, quick manual drum transport
  • Easy to pick up and transport even large and heavy drums alone - no second person needed
  • Full drums do not need to be tipped or picked up from underneath
  • Ergonomic, avoids back strain
  • Suitable for 60 to 220 litre steel and plastic drums
  • Lightweight and easy to store in a small space
  • Sturdy, long lasting steel and stainless steel design with high quality powder coating
  • Meets the highest requirements for safety and ergonomics for regular manual drum transport (up to 40 times a day per the health and safety regulations).