Electric Drum Pump for Oil/Diesel TT1000

  • Electric Drum Pump for Oil/Diesel TT 1000, 1000 mm immersion depth

Product Information

Weight 6 kg
Drive Electric
Area of application Mineral oils
Immersion depth (mm) 1000
Version Drum pump
Width 200
external (mm) 1200
Depth 400
external (mm) 5000
Height 2000
external (mm) 41
Cable length (mm) Aluminium
Hose length (mm) 70
Diameter 500
immersion tube (mm) 230
Material 1.4
Sound level (dB (A)) 500
Output (W) 19
Nominal voltage (V) 85
Max. density (kg/l) Diesel
Max viscosity (mPas) heating oil
Max. pump height (mWS) hydraulic fluid
Max. delivery volume (l/min) machine oil
Suitable for motor oil up to a viscosity of max. 500 mPa·s
Thread description Fine thread for steel drum
Approval / certificate description 2006/42 Declaration of conformity
Certification / certificate 2 Nsr 2006/95 DECL of conformity
Certification / certificate 3 Rohs 2011/65 DECL of conformity
External thread 2" BSP
Nominal width DN 25
Protection category IP IP 24
Seal material Nbr
Customs tariff number 84137081
Country of origin Switzerland
  • Ready for use
  • Efficient
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Suitable for dispensing diesel, heating oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil, engine oil, etc
  • Suitable for idle running
  • Pump interior in aluminium
  • 230 V / 500 W motor with A 5 M cable and plug
  • For low viscosity mineral oil products
  • Filling and refilling of material stored in drums or containers
  • Ready-to-use kit, including a pump, media resistant hose (2 M), nozzle and drum adapter