Fire protection FBM plus 314.30, REI 90

  • Fire protection FBM plus 314.30, with EI 90-C doors, for up to 16 drums à 205 litres

Product Information

  • Whole system has received general construction approval No. Z-38.5-286 (water law) valid throughout Germany from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) [German Institute of Construction Engineering], Berlin, and has a fire rating classification report from IBS in Linz
  • For the storage of substances in all water-polluting classes and flammable liquids
  • 90 minute fire resistance (REI90) for internal and external fires
  • No safety distance to nearby buildings is needed
  • As standard with double walls, thermally insulated spill pallet, 5 mm thickness
  • Sealing tested in accordance with EN ISO 3452-1 with factory test certificate
  • Storage surfaces with hot dip galvanised, removable grid shelves
  • Shelf guards on the rear wall
  • Equipotential bonding with earthing of the steel frame construction
  • Accessible with 120 mm ground clearance
  • Points to consider when storing flammable materials: equipotential bonding / earthing and technical ventilation
  • An open sliding door gives easier access to the fire-rated storage container than a wing door and improves logistical efficiency
  • If a fire alarm sounds, the lockable, tested fire-rated doors will close automatically
  • 90/120 minute fire resistance for internal and external fires