IBC Sump TC-2A, paint + 2 disp platforms

  • IBC sump pallet TC-2A, painted steel, with 2 dispensing platforms & forklift pockets, for 2 IBCs

Product Information

  • With certificate of compliance (ÜHP) valid across Germany, in accordance with building regulations list a, part 1 of DIBt, Berlin and the German Stawa-R guidelines
  • Welded steel design
  • Sealing tested in accordance with EN ISO 3452-1 with factory test certificate
  • Accessible underneath, 100 mm ground clearance with forklift pockets for easy transport by pallet truck or forklift
  • For storing aggressive media such as acids and alkali, all models can be fitted with a resistant inlay spill pallets in PE
  • Specially designed to store up to 2 IBCs or up to 8 x 205 litre drums
  • Suitable for storing water-polluting substances and flammable liquids
  • 1000 litre containment volume
  • Can be combined to form a storage and dispensing station with the addition of dispensing platforms
  • High-quality 2k-pur paint in RAL 5010, gentian blue
  • Two galvanised dispensing platforms with surface angled forwards to ensure safe dispensing
  • Ideal for dispensing and dosing processes due to the additional grid placed in front of the dispensing platform
  • 3 part galvanised splash protection optionally available
  • Specially designed to store 1 IBC, ASF or ASP container or up to 4 x 205 litre drums