Pads Economy Oil Light 40x50cm 200 pcs

  • DENSORB Absorbent Pads Economy, Oil, Light, 40 x 50 cm, Pack of 200

Product Information

Weight 0.041 kg
Packing unit (VE) 200 Item(s)
Customs tariff number 56031490
Country of origin Turkey
Absorption capacity (litres/pack) 160
Quality Economy
Application Oil
Format Mats
Width (mm) 400
Length 500
external (mm) very high
  • Extremely effective absorbent mats in polypropylene, with an open fine fibre structure on both sides for quick absorption of leaked liquids
  • Hydrophobic design ensures oil or hydrocarbon-based liquids are absorbed and water is repelled
  • Ideally suited to removing oil or fuel spills from the surface of water
  • Tear resistant and can float on water even when saturated
  • Ideally suited to outdoor use, even in rain, thanks to water-repellent properties
  • For quick, easy use on leaks
  • Ideal to lay under machinery or for wiping down dirty surfaces or parts
  • The white colour helps identification of saturation level
  • A special embossed surface ensures good stability and long life
  • High quality polypropylene fibres guarantee high tear and abrasion resistance
  • The ideally sized mats are perforated in the middle for economical use
  • Supplied in a practical dispenser box for quick, efficient use
  • "Light" material for most applications