Palette Basic C V50, painted, with grid

  • Sump pallet Basic C, painted steel, with grid & forklift pockets, for 4x205 litre drums, 450 ltr

Product Information

Weight 117 kg
Container type 205 litre drums
Number of containers 4
Containment volume (l) 450
Grid galvanized
Design Accessible underneath
Material Steel
Width 1220
external (mm) 1250
Depth 425
external (mm) Blue
Height MPA NRW
external (mm) 1200
Colour 117
Approval Basic C
Overall load capacity (kg) 5 years
Weight (kg) 73269040
Model Czech Republic
  • With certificate of compliance (ÜHP) valid across Germany, in accordance with building regulations list a, part 1 of DIBt, Berlin and the German Stawa-R guidelines
  • For storing flammable liquids and all categories of water-polluting substances
  • Welded steel design
  • Sealing tested in accordance with EN ISO 3452-1 with factory test certificate
  • Special covers to protect from contamination and weather, available as an option
  • Specially coordinated to the storage of 4 205 litre drums
  • Removable hot dip galvanised grids as a stable standing surface
  • Corrosion protection with high-quality RAL 5010 paint, gentian blue
  • With integral forklift pockets for internal transport
  • High level of protection with especially large containment volumes
  • Compatible with denios drum supports