Pillows Oil, 25×25 cm, Pack of 30

  • DENSORB Absorbent Pillows, Oil 25 x 25 cm, Pack of 30

Product Information

Weight 0.227 kg
Packing unit (VE) 30 Item(s)
Customs tariff number 56031490
Country of origin Turkey
Absorption capacity (litres/pack) 49
Application Oil
Format Cushions
Width (mm) 250
Length 250
external (mm) very high
  • For collecting dripping fluids under pipes, valves, hydraulic lines, flanges, connections and drum taps
  • A special polypropylene filling ensures excellent absorption capacity
  • Fluids which have been absorbed are reliably contained and are easily disposed of
  • Ideal for long term use, for example when dispensing
  • An especially flexible shape ensures many possibilities for use, even in places which are difficult to reach.
  • Especially high absorption capacity
  • Perfect for long term use anywhere where drips need to be collected, for example under leaky machinery or when dispensing
  • Hydrophobic design ensures oil or hydrocarbon-based liquids are absorbed and water is repelled
  • Can float on water even when saturated
  • Ideally suited to use outdoors, even in rain thanks to water-repellent design
  • Reliable absorption of engine oil, diesel, heating oil, cutting oil, vegetable oil, oil-based solvents etc and more