Saf.Jerrycan Stainl.St.,10L,Filling Tap

  • FALCON Saf.Jerrycan Stainl.St.,10L,Filling Tap

Product Information

Weight 3 kg
Application Dispensing
Length 445
external (mm) 170
Width 280
external (mm) 10
Height Stainless steel
external (mm) 3
Volume (l) 73102990
Material China
  • For flammable and aggressive substances
  • Dispensing tap in stainless steel
  • Ventilation valve for uniform, precision filling
  • The dispensing tap with easy to use operating lever allows dispensing into smaller containers.
  • Can be stored e.g. on a shelf with the filling tap fitted
  • Large opening (approx. 43.5 mm) with screwed closure in aluminium
  • NBR seals
  • Comfortable handle
  • Especially stable and space saving design
  • Incl. marking label with warning symbols and notices
  • Container made of stainless steel