Safety cont. st.steel fine dose tap 5L

  • Safety containers in stainless steel, with fine dosing Tap, 5 litre

Product Information

Weight 2.4 kg
Application Precision dosing
Length 428
external (mm) 244
Width 169
external (mm) 5
Height Stainless steel
external (mm) 2.4
Volume (l) 73102990
Material China
  • For flammable and aggressive liquids
  • Fine dosing tap in stainless steel
  • Automatic ventilation when the fine dosing tap is operated for precision dosing
  • The fine dosing tap with comfortable lever enables filling even into small openings
  • The flame arrestor (standard) prevents flames passing though and igniting the container contents
  • Space saving design with high stability
  • Comfortable handle with large moulded grip
  • NBR seals
  • Incl. marking label with warning symbols and notices
  • Protective ring around the outside to protect from damage
  • Container made of stainless steel