Spiral earth cable 1 strap md 120 mm 3m

  • Spiral earthing cable with 1 stainless steel earthing strap medium duty 120 mm and 1 eyelet, 3 m pul

Product Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Version Spiral earth lead
Equipment 1 stainless steel clip MD / 1 Ring loop
Cable length (mm) 3000
Width 25
external (mm) 3180
Depth 60
external (mm) Stainless steel
external (mm) Ex II 1 GD T6
Material 85444290
Approval / certificate description United Kingdom
  • Prevents danger of explosion through sparking or static charge
  • Low electrical resistance with high mechanical strength
  • Chemically resistant and wear-resistant cable sheath
  • Approved in accordance with ATEX II 1GD T6, therefore meets the requirements of VGSEB 734.6 For EX zones
  • ATEX version with stainless steel clamps
  • Stainless steel clamp with long life and good grip even under the harshest operating conditions - for a secure durable connection
  • With 1 Ring eye and 1 earthing clamp model MD: length 120 mm, aperture angle approx. 15 mm (for drums, containers up to 205 litres)