Stainless steel safety jug 1 L

  • Stainless steel safety jug 1 L with fine measuring tap and G1 1/4" thread

Product Information

Weight 0.72 kg
Application Precision dosing
Length 164
external (mm) 132
Width 215
external (mm) 132
Height 1
external (mm) Stainless steel
Diameter 0.72
external (mm) 73102990
Volume (l) China
  • For the safe distribution and easy dosing of combustible and aggressive fluids
  • With screw-off fine dosing tap in stainless steel 1.4301, Inc. Ventilation and chemically-resistant PTFE seal
  • Optimum protection against flashback with integral flame arrestor (removable, e.g. for cleaning)
  • Ergonomic handle for safe handling
  • Plastic protective Ring protects the sturdy jug body from damage
  • Incl. safety sticker for marking the contents in accordance with GHS
  • Dosing jug in high quality stainless steel 1.4404 (SUS 316 L)
  • Contents: 1 litres