Sump PolySafe ECO 4 blue with PE grid

  • Spill pallet PolySafe ECO in polyethylene (PE), with PE grid, for 4 x 205 litre drums

Product Information

Weight 63 kg
Container type 205 litre drums
Number of containers 4
Grid plastic
Design Accessible underneath
Material Ldpe
Containment volume (l) 405
Containment volume (l) 405
Overall load capacity (kg) 1000
Width 1300
external (mm) 1300
Depth 375
external (mm) DIBt
Height Z-40.22-421
external (mm) Ldpe
Approval Blue
Approval / certificate description PolySafe ECO 4-200
Material 5 years
Colour 39239000
Model Germany
  • Sturdy design with good impact and shock resistance even under high temperature variations
  • Highly resistant to oils, acids, alkali and other aggressive substances
  • Corrosion proof and easy to clean
  • Compact design, manufactured seamlessly and water tight
  • Forklift pockets in the base of the spill pallet enable it to be safely transported and loaded by drum lifters, pallet trucks and forklifts
  • For safe storage of 205 litre drums or small containers
  • With identical height, can be combined with 2 drum spill pallets model PolySafe ECO
  • With polyethylene grid as storage surface
  • Spill pallet has received general construction approval No. Z-40.22-421 valid throughout Germany from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) [German Institute of Construction Engineering], Berlin